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About the Supreme Line

Made of noble wood from reforestation, with a dovetail structure (swallowtail) finish in sealer and high gloss varnish providing an exclusive finish to the customer and a light product. Aluminum surface with holes for locking the pedals with clamps, also having the option of using adhesive velcro to fix the pedals, MDF bottom with wood finish coated with fabric on the inside. Board elevation system with 2 gas pistons providing the customer with practicality and cable organization. rubbery feet

Included Items:

Lockable P10 input/output connectors
energy cable
AC power socket
on and off button
25mm sticky adhesive Velcro
Nylon Clamps
American standard power plug

Hand´s Case emerged in April 2012, working in the production of cases and Pedal Board, it is a family-owned and young company, but it has qualified and experienced professionals. It has been standing out for its strong partnerships and accelerated growth, making it well structured and taking big steps towards conquering larger spaces in the market.

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