The World's Best Pedalboard

Crafted with the harmony of wood and the resilience of aluminum, our Pedalboard delivers unparalleled quality. Not only does it enhance the sound, but it also extends the lifespan of your guitar pedals.

Supreme Pedalboard

Gas Piston

"Elevate your musical experience with ease and precision. Our aluminum platform harnesses high-quality gas pistons to deliver a smooth and controlled lift, ensuring you can focus solely on your music."

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"Power at your fingertips. Our platform features an internal socket that provides direct energy to your pedals, ensuring a clean and convenient setup, so you can fully dedicate yourself to your music."

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"We unite the unique beauty of mosaic teak wood with our meticulous varnish and treatment process, ensuring that each pedalboard is a masterpiece of quality, durability, and style."

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P10 or XLR

Introducing the flexibility you've always desired. Our Pedalboard offers the option to add either JACK P10 or JACK XLR inputs, providing universal connectivity for your guitar and amplifier. Whatever your favorite equipment is, integrate it seamlessly and hassle-free.

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With 16 vibrant colors of your choice, the LED Hands Custom allows you to personalize the lighting of your pedalboard according to your preference and musical style. Whether to create a smooth and relaxing atmosphere or for an explosion of intense colors, the possibilities are endless.

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