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Hands Custom

Pedalboard Supreme Imbuia

Pedalboard Supreme Imbuia

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Supreme Imbuia Hands Line: Sustainable Elegance for Your Music

  • Noble reforestation wood: Environmental responsibility in every detail.Aluminum
  • surface: Durability and organization with cable holes.
  • Gas pistons: Easy and secure access to the internal part of the pedalboard.
  • Finish with imbuia stain and high-gloss varnish: Exceptional beauty.
  • Fabric-coated bottom: Additional protection and style.
  • Electrical kit ready to connect your pedals: AC power socket, and P10 input and output jacks.
  • Custom locking: Choose between adhesive velcro or nylon straps for secure pedal fastening.
Elevate your setup with Hands Custom. Elegance, sustainability, convenience, and customization for your musical passion.
  • Softbag sizes 12x16, 12x20, 12x24, 12x28, 16x24 and 16x32 have a shipping deadline of 15 days after purchase!
  • FlightCase: Delivery time between 10-15 days.
  • Softcase: Delivery time between 7-15 days.
  • Pedalboard Only: Delivery time between 7-15 days.

Important: Products from the "Accessories" section will be dispatched only if the order includes a pedalboard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love it. Has all the features I desired and the variety of sizes offered was a key component.

野口 勇
Can accommodate any pedal!

Very functional. It looks beautiful and is the best effect board. thank you.

Justin W.
Beatiful Color and insane quality

Excellent customer service! Beautiful, custom board! 100% satisfied! AAA+++

Geoffrey S.
In my pov.. That's the best board i've ever seen

Wow. Just frickin' wow.